• We provide investment research with a focus on unique companies.

• Investing in small-medium cap and healthcare, Life Sciences, biotech stocks is known to be risky. Stocks in this industry may go up and down hundreds of a percent in a very short period of time depending on the outcome of clinical trials. However, not a single industry can match the power of the healthcare, LS, biotech industry.

• If you’re interested in small-medium cap and healthcare, Life Sciences, biotech stocks investing, you need some first-class research from professionals with experience in the field.

• At BST, we look at all important aspects of small-medium cap, healthcare, Life Sciences and biotech companies, especially at their pipeline as the primary source of the company’s presumed and projected value.

• Since healthcare, LS, biotech investing is risky, it’s crucial that you investors are well educated on the biotech industry and have done thorough research. At BST, we do extensive due diligence to provide small-medium cap and healthcare, Life Sciences, biotech stocks research services to help investors make informed decisions.


Our Approach

• The investment research we offer is based on an independent evaluation of companies’ strategies, financials, product pipelines, teams, and other factors that impact companies’ business.

• Our primary expertise is small-medium cap, biotech, although we also do research of companies from other sectors.

• If you’re looking for the best stock research reports and other stock research services, contact BST Research today. We take pride in providing the best resources and insight for our members so they can make educated decisions when investing in the stock market.

Research for Asset Managers

• We provide research to asset-management firms under subscription.

• We also offer customized research of specific companies / sectors on requests. In Emerging Markets, we may provide research into companies not covered by mainstream analysts.

Our Products

Our reports generally fall under three broad categories:

  • Initial Opinion / Initiation of Coverage (IOC):

    This one is the first report ever published by our team on a specific company. It has a lot of industry/market data, detailed rationale for the projections, information on competitors, the company’s

  • Industry Overview / Primer:

    This type of report covers an entire industry. There will be sections on trends and key drivers/metrics, risk factors, legislation, and overall valuation levels and shorter sections dedicated to specific companies.

  • Company Note:

    This report is issued when a company reports earnings, hosts an investor day, presents at a conference, or makes an announcement that impacts its strategy, such as an acquisition or the launch of a key product.


• Our team includes Analysts (including one with a CFA Charter) and Associates, with one Associate for every 7-10 names under coverage.

• Our research team is best known for their work in the Russian capital market, development of biotech companies on the Russian stock market and the reports we published.

• We focus on names that buy-side investors are interested in – in Russia, Europe, USA. It could be lesser-known names that can add more value. Our team might initiate coverage on investors' requests when a company is acquired or gets delisted, or because the company has changed strategy or business.

• We have provided research for IPOs, bonds placement, private equity deals, investment management, VCs and M&As in Russia. With extensive first-hand experience in these fields, BST offers unparalleled insights into how to value Russian companies, especially in biotech.

• We offer solutions for each investor's unique investment strategy aspirations and help them find the path of least resistance toward securing their dream investment portfolio. For more information on our services, please contact info@bstresearchtoday.com or visit the LinkedIn page.


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